Jeevasamadhi and its Spiritual Significance

somappa-sannathi-1The self-realized and enlightened saints, after fulfilling their divine service to the people on earth for a long time, at one stage will make a decision to leave the body and merge with the Absolute in order to enjoy uninterrupted and everlasting bliss and happiness. They take this decision not by themselves but do it with the divine approval of the Almighty. After obtaining the divine approval, these enlightened saints fix the time and date for merging with the Almighty by attaining Jeevasamadhi. They call the people, bless them, announce their intention, get into the “Samadhi” and go into deep meditation (Mona Thavam). Their minds bring before them details of all the incidents, relationship and memories that took place in their lives one after the other till their minds reach a certain stage in meditation. Once they transcend this stage, then there is no mind of their own and perfectly merge with the Absolute, become one with them and fill the atmosphere permeating the entire universe. However, their presence can be felt in the form of a subtle and yet a powerful vibration in their Jeevasamadhi.

Their subtle presence in the Jeevasamadhi will intensely vibrate when their relatives, devotees and the divine children in the thought of the Guru make a visit to the Jeevasamadhi. These vibrations and the spiritual bliss present in the Jeevasamadhi will make a deep divine impact on the spiritual Sadhakas and also an inexplicable, spiritual and subtle experience that cannot be explained in words. This unique experience will go a long way in ensuring the spiritual advancement of the lovable devotees and the blessed spiritual children of God. Only these enlightened saints can show the spiritual Sadhakas the ways and means of ideal and suitable meditation for them. Hence, if we visit the Jeevasamadhies quite often and establish contact with the saints through the subtle vibration, we will be taking the first step towards achieving the purpose for which we have taken birth. If we make an intense prayer on a daily basis at the Jeevasamadhi of the saint with a deep attachment and spiritual commitment, we will be blessed with all gifts of life and the eventual liberation itself.

– Saithai Sri Gurulinga Swamigal

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