The Divine Thirukoodal Hillock (Kagabujandar Malai)

The Divine Thirukoodal Hillock (Kagabujandar Malai)
The Divine Thirukoodal Hillock (Kagabujandar Malai)

Thiru koodal Malai. This is a hillock, situated at the north east of Thiruparankundram, one of the six abodes of Lord Muruga. Here, at the bottom, there have been two Jeeva samadhis of two great saints, named as, sootukkole Mayandi swamigal, and Somappa swamigal. Sootukkole Mayandi swamigal, who was born on 1858, had his nativity as, Kattikulam, in Manamadurai circle, at Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu, India.

When we are entering near the hillock, first, we have to worship the jeeva samadhi of the great saint, sootukkole mayandi swamigal, which resides at the left hand side of the foothill. It’s the temple of Lord Vinayagar, who had been worshiped by mayandi swamigal, from the beginning itself. His jeeva samathi has been consecrated as Lord Vinayagar temple, which has been built upon the same.

The advent of the saint Somappa had taken place at Thiru koodal malai, during the construction period, of the temple of Lord Muruga, who resides in the name of Baladhandapani, on the top of that hillock.

At the time of dusk, while mayandi swamigal was engaging at the erection work of Lord Dhandapani temple, swamigal, overwhelmed with joy of ecstasy, and had ordered his intimate, disciple, Irulappa konar, that one disciple of lord Shiva, who had been ripened with full of matured divinity, had arrived to the foot hill of Thiru koodal malai.

Again, swamigal explained his disciple, about the advent of Somappa swamigal, that, even they hadn’t known his name, in prior, Somappa swamigal, could have been more powerful than that of his own divinity, and He should have been guarded within their eyes, until he resides there, as Somappa swamigal had selected that hillock as his permanent residing place.

Mayadi swamigal asked his disciple, to go down to the foot hill, and invited the great saint Somappa. Having obeyed to the order of his Guru, Irulappa konar, rushed to the spot, where that saint resided. He found one person, sat on the heap of the sand, in a relaxed mood. When he looked at the face of that saint, Somappa swamigal, in turn, asked Irulappa konar that, whether Somappa, had invited him there. As that saint, called everybody by the name of Somappa, he might have been, supposed to be called, as Somappa swamigal, thereafter.

Irulappa konar, when having been asked by Somappa swamigal, that. whether had he been invited by mayandi swamigal, Irulappa konar nodded his head as the sign of acceptance. At once, Somappa swamigal, became very happy about his intuition, of his arrival to Thiru koodal malai. He, then, ran with immense joy, on the hillock, here and there.

After that Somappa swamigal had stayed there permanently, for more than 50 years, and had done a lot of spiritual services, that all could have been the boon to his devotees. A lot of people had predicted his age, around 300 years, and somebody told that he hadn’t been ever seen, with the day today customs of common men, who have been bounded with nature’s call like taking bath, urination, and defecation etc..

The two great saints, Mayandi swamigal, and somappa swamigal had attained their jeeva Samadhis, at the same hillock, called as Thiru koodal malai, on 1930, and 1968 respectively. Day by day, the rush of devotees is increasing, and they have been showering their true love, as the flowers, to the feet of those two great saints.