Arulmigu Mookkaiah Swamigal

mookaiah-swamigal-1Mookkaiah Swamigal belongs to Madurai North Masi Street. Initially he was doing yogas along with Kattangudi Reddy Swamigal. He became a disciple of Mayandi Swamigal, when the latter visited Madurai. He brought K.Irulappa Konar to Mayandi Swamigal in order to save Irulappa Konar from an early death. Later Irulappa Konar became a staunch devotee, and spent all his wealth in building temples and mandapams as per the instruction of Mayandi Swamigal.

Mookkaiah Swamigal attained Mukthi on 14.10.1916 in the presence of Mayandi Swamigal and Reddy Swamigal. His Samadhi Koil is behind Thiagarajar College of Engineering at Madurai.