Annadhanam is held close to the heart of God

The spiritual Sadhakas believe that the saints and Avatars always fulfill the wishes and grant the prayers of their devotees. Hence it is our wish and request that all those connected with these institutions – Staff, students, employees and administrators – can offer the prayers at the Jeevasamadhies of Arulmigu Mayandi Swamigal and Arulmigu Somappa Swamigal and Lord Dhandhayuthapani consecrated on the top of the hill and lead a life of everlasting peace and happiness and thus achieve Atmic realization. Daily poojas are being performed for Arulmigu Mayandi Swamigal, Somappa Swamigal and Lord Dhandayuthapani and these arrangements are made by the trustee Mr. R. Dhakshanamoorthy and team.

Special poojas are also being performed on important and significant auspicious occasions. In addition to these poojas, Annadhanam (free food to the poor) is organized daily for the benefit of Sadhus, orphans and the poor. This is considered to be more significant of all other charity by saints and divine persons. This charity is always held close to his divine heart by the Almighty. Of all other chartiy, Annadhanam is most liked by God.

An incident in the life of Shiridi Sai Baba will explain this. Once a pious lady prepared some sweets to be offered to Shiridi Sai Baba. Yet, it was eaten away by the dog which entered the house. The lady became angry and drove away the dog beating it with a stick. She again prepared sweets and offered to Baba. Baba told her, “I have already eaten the sweets and my stomach is full”.

The lady did not understand anything. Baba further told her that when he ate the sweets, she drove him away beating with a stick. Then the lady remembered her beating the dog and everything became clear to her. This incident explains that Annadhanam is held close to the heart of God as it is always His wish that all beings should live without hunger.

Arulmigu Soottukkole Ramalinga Vilasam

Arulmiku Soottukkole Mayandi Swamigal blessed and offered his divine grace for all his devotees irrespective of caste, creed and religion. He never failed to insist on the importance of Annadhanam to all the devotees and people whom he met in his divine life. It was his generosity that he donated all the money received as gift on the occasion of his son, Mr. Ganapathy’s marriage to Thiru. Irulappa Konar for the purpose of charity. Helping the poor, eradication of hunger through Annadhanam and healing of diseases were the main objectives of Swamy. In short, Swamy equated service to people with service to god. These noble objectives of Swamy are not different in essence from the clarion call of Bagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba to his devotees, “Love all, Serve all”. All these good activities, commenced by Swamy, are being continued today by Soottukkole Ramalinga Vilasam. In addition, Educational service has also been taken up in an attempt to eradicate ignorance.

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