The Divine Thirukoodal Hillock (Kagabujandar Malai)

The divine Kagabujandar or Thirukoodal hillock is one such ideal place for the divine presence. This is situated on the north east of Thiruparankundram, one of the six divine abodes of Lord Muruga. This Kagabujandar hillock is rich in spiritual atmosphere with the Jeevasamadhies of Arulmigu Soottukkole Mayandi Swamigal and Somappa Swamigal situated respectively at the foothill and a little above and the divine presence of the Sanctum Sanctorum of Lord Dhandayudhapani, the holy shrine which was workshipped by the Irulappakonar family for generations with special Poojas before its consecration on the top of the hill. It is a rewarding exercise to trace out the reason for the hillock to bear the name of Kagabujandar and also the mythological origin of the divine birth of Kagabujandar.

The divine Adhiparasakthi, while creating the world, entrusted the divine duties of Creation, Protection and Liberation with the Lords Brahmma, Vishnu and Shiva respectively and also created in her own form the incarnations of Shakthi namely Kalaivani, Lakshmi and Parvathy in order to activate and help in the functions of the above Lords respectively. When Goddess Saraswathy performed intense Thavam (prayer) invoking the Lord’s blessings for a child, Lord Umamaheswaran appeared before her and cast his divine light from his third eye on the abdomen of Goddess Saraswathy and thus Kagabujandar was born.


This Kagabujandar chose Thirukoodal hillock thousands of years ago for performing ‘Thavam’ and meditation. It is also said that during that time Saint Machamuni came, obtained the blessings and upadesam from Kagabujandar and chose to merge with the Absolute on Thiruparankundram Hill. There is the Jeevasamadhi of Machamuni on the top of Thiruparankundram Hill and Lord Kasi Viswanathar has been consecrated in the form of a Lingam in that place to bless the devotees.

As Mayandi Swamigal, through his divine intuition was well aware of the mythological and spiritual significance of the Kagabujandar hillock, he chose this place for his yogic life and spiritual activities. Hence, he arranged to purchase this place through Irulappa konar and performed many spiritual and other acts of grace from this place.

– Dr. S. Shanmugaiah, M.A.,Ph.D.,

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