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The Divine Soottukkole Ramalinga Vilasam

Mr. Dhakshanamoorthy, the Fifth generation traditional trustee of Soottukkole Ramalinga Vilasam, is my relative. More than that he is my good friend. We are known to each other for more than two and a half decades. Modesty is his innate virtue. He used to mention in brief the spiritual activities of Soottukkole Ramalinga Vilasam whenever […]


Jeevasamadhi and its Spiritual Significance

The self-realized and enlightened saints, after fulfilling their divine service to the people on earth for a long time, at one stage will make a decision to leave the body and merge with the Absolute in order to enjoy uninterrupted and everlasting bliss and happiness. They take this decision not by themselves but do it […]