The Divine Soottukkole Ramalinga Vilasam

Arulmigu Mayandi Swamigal
Arulmigu Mayandi Swamigal

Mr. Dhakshanamoorthy, the Fifth generation traditional trustee of Soottukkole Ramalinga Vilasam, is my relative. More than that he is my good friend. We are known to each other for more than two and a half decades. Modesty is his innate virtue. He used to mention in brief the spiritual activities of Soottukkole Ramalinga Vilasam whenever he meets me. It is unfortunate that I have not chosen to visit the temple earlier. However, now in the recent times, after my first hand knowledge of the immense spiritual and welfare activities of Soottukkole Ramalinga Vilasam, I simply wonder and am deeply convinced that behind the façade of this simple personality, there lies a significant, immense and potential spiritual power.


Now I understand that it is due to his emulative modesty and simplicity that he never attempts to seek advertisement for his personal self by making an elaborate presentation (for the fear of sounding egoistic) of the spiritual activities. It is a rare virtue that good deeds should be performed without advertisement. Though I know his involvement in the spiritual activities for many years, only in the recent times, I had the good fortune of having the Dharshan of the most benevolent and merciful Arulmiku Kattikulam Soottukkole Mayandi Swamigal. It is true that it was His Will and Grace as to when He should draw a devotee into his divine fold.

Brings boundless happiness and immense peace of mind

After experiencing the divine subtle vibrations and the rich spiritual bliss of the Jeeva Samadhies (the holy cemeteries of Avatars and Saints) of Arulmiku Soottukkole Mayandi Swamigal and Arulmiku Somappa Swamigal, there arose in the bosom of my heart a deep desire and an earnest yearning to visit the place again and again and enjoy the bliss in an attempt to quench my spiritual thirst. Every visit to the holy place brings me boundless happiness and immense peace of mind. We are aware that many great spiritual persons and saints have taught us the valuable lesson that one should not seek happiness in the external objects, as true happiness is after all within and not without and that it runs like a sweet little stream underneath one’s heart. One should learn to turn one’s mind inward and not outward in order to enjoy perpetual and uninterrupted peace and happiness. This admirable and most sought after training of seeing inward shall certainly become a possibility if one chooses to visit and offer prayers at the holy Jeevasamadhies of Arulmiku Soottukkole Mayandi Swamigal and Somappa Swamigal.

Bliss of Jeevasamadhies 

Arulmigu Somappa Swamigal
Arulmigu Somappa Swamigal

The Self-realised and saintly persons are those who have experienced and tasted the bliss of the divinity present in them and that they are known as Avatars (God in Human form) and Siddha Purushas. When these Avatars and Siddha Purushas finally decide to merge with the Absolute and be in an everlasting state of abundant bliss, they do so and fill the entire atmosphere permeating the whole universe. However, their presence can also be felt in their Jeevasamadhies in the form of subtle and yet powerful vibration. Hence, it is the shared experience of many spiritual Sadhakas that meditating in the Jeevasamadhies greatly facilitate easy self-realization and the rich spiritual experience that the main purpose of taking birth as a human being is to realize the god in us and listen to the divine voice present in us. Hence, it is needless to say that the devotees, who medidate and offer prayers at the powerful Jeevasamadhies of Arulmigu Soottukkole Mayandi Swamigal and Somappa Swamigal, will certainly and naturally acquire the higher spiritual experience of turning their minds inward and the consequent realization of their spiritual power and advancement.

Though Mr. Dhakshanamoorthy, whom I meet quite often and move with, always looks to be simple, it is a matter of pride and eventual appreciation that he has a great potential for efficient temple administration and organizing spiritual and welfare activities at a massive scale. I believe that all these capabilities he manifests are all the spiritual gifts of Arulmigu Soottukkole Mayandi Swamigal. It is my proud privilege to share with you all the spiritual significance of the divine hillock of Kagabujandar also known as Thirukoodalmalai, and the Jeevasamadhies of Arulmigu Soottukkole Mayandi Swamigal and Somappa Swamigal.

From time immemorial Mother Bharath is eulogized by all the patriotic citizens as the best nation in the world. Many attribute this rare glory to the reason that India abounds in rich natural resources. However, surpassing the other factors, the real and the singular reason is that our Mother India has to its credit an immensely rich and unparalleled spiritual heritage. In the perpetual battle between the Good and the Bad, whenever Adharma (Bad) seems to win over Dharma (Good), God has chosen to take birth in human form time and again spread over many Yugas as Avatars and Siddha Purushas only in our holy motherland. Such saintly persons have always taken upon themselves the onerous responsibility of ensuring the spiritual advancement of the entire human race by teaching them the dharmic principles and showing them the path of righteousness and also exposing them to the effective ways of achieving self-realization and the eventual liberation. It is only because of the Yogic powers of such saintly persons that our nation has always found it possible to successfully overcome threatening challenges such as natural calamities and threats and attacks of the enemy nations. After each encounter of such challenges, India is reborn, like the mythological phoenix bird, with renewed vigor and rejuvenation. On one such occasion, when the leaders of our country met Bagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and expressed their concern with regard to the safety and future of the nation which is faced with many potential dangers including organized violence and extremism and terrorism, Bagawan Baba had replied with a far-sighed divine vision that our mother country, with its immense spiritual power, can solve any problem with ease and comfort and hence there is no need for any worry and concern.

It is everybody’s knowledge that there are a number of hillocks and mountains rich in natural beauty in India, which has assumed the mantle of spiritual leadership of the world. Most of the religions in the world teach that the important objective of taking birth as a human being is to realize the god in us. Those saintly persons, who have woken up to this realization, have always chosen such hillocks and mountains, which provide a congenial atmosphere, with its serenity, for their meditation and achieving yogic powers.

– Dr. S. Shanmugaiah, M.A.,Ph.D.,



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