Arulmigu Soottukkole Ramalingam Swamigal

Soottukkole Ramalinga Swamigal
Soottukkole Ramalinga Swamigal

It seems around 1800 Ramalinga Swamigal was in the three nearby villages: Puthukkulam, Kuvalai Veli, and Kattikulam. Chellappa Swamigal was the disciple of Ramalinga Swamigal, and Mayandi Swamigal was the disciple of Chellappa Swamigal. Hence Mayandi Swamigal used to call himself as the hereditary of Soottukkol Ramalinga Swamigal.

Soottukkol is a metallic stick, and it was always with Ramalinga Swamigal. When it was placed on the head of any bad person, it would burn the skin. Hence bad people were afraid to go near Ramalinga Swamigal.

In Kattikulam he created five branches of different trees sprouting from the same trunk. Hence he was called “Anju Marathan” by the people. Even today the trunk portion is there in the Ramalinga Swamigal Temple at Kattikulam. It is at this temple that the parents of Mayandi Swamigal prayed for a male child, and got Mayandi Swamigal as their child.

Once he was playing with other youths of the village. At the end of the game every one felt thirsty. To quench the thirst Ramalinga Swamigal just pressed a wooden stick into the ground, and a perennial spring came up. To day it is called “Ramar Theertham” at the western bank of Kattikulam irrigation Tank.

Ramalinga Swamigal was going from Puthukkulam to Kattikulam. Incidentally, he left the bag on the bank of the tank in Puthukkulam. When he realized, he asked the fishermen to fetch the bag for him. But the fishermen did not oblige, since they were busy in trying to catch fishes in the tank water. Then Swamigal uttered “You may not get any fish at all.”Since then there is no fish in the tank even up to this day.

His Jeeva Samadhi Temple is at Mannargudi in Thiruvaroor District. Every year his Aradhana is celebrated on Thai Poosam day, and annadhanam is arranged on every new moon day and full moon day. The contact address is: Kalaimagan G.Kamaraj, 30/4 Gopala Samuthiram North Street, Mannarkudi – 614 001. Thiruvarur District, Tamil Nadu. Phone: +91-4367-221060; Cell: +91-09443503926.